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Cheap LED Corn Light

LED Corn Light

High brightness LED corn light bulb 60W corn lamp

100% New and High Quality!Low consumption, high brightness.Energy-saving and environmentally friendly, is conducive to recycling.Low heat generating, no UV or IR light radiation.Seismic, impact resistance, non-thermal radiation, safe and stable, reliableSuitable for home, office and exhibition lighting.Very low heat generating, besides saving light power.It has a long lifespan, no hazardous materials.Instant start, no flashing. solid …

LED Corn Light

2017 high power E27 LED corn light

High efficiency & energy saving. Under the condition of the same illumination, it saves more than 80% energy compared with the traditional lamp.High brightness,small volume, light weight, replace conventional CFL , incandescent lamp.No UV & IR. It won’t distribute ray radiation.Eco-friendly, No Hg & Xe ,or other harmful element. Recyclable, also it won’t generate EMI. High …

LED Corn Light

High quality E40/E39/E27/26 LED corn lamp

Ultra bright and provides 360 degrees of light with low power consumption.Size: Fits any standard size E26/E27/E39/E40 led corn lamp base .Shell: aluminum alloy materials, Milky/clear PC cover.Perfect lighting effect, fast starting, low power consumption, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Control the quality from the very beginning LED driver. Using LM80 test report “SAMSUNG” G2 LED chips. Using imported …

LED Corn Light

Wholesale energy saving e14 LED corn light bulb

LED corn light is widely used for home, shopping center, office lighting and decoration of park, stage etc. Bar, workshop, warehouse, coffee house. Decoration bulbs lamps, ceiling lights, cabinet lighting. Street lighting, Roadway lighting, Area Lighting, Pathway lighting, Car Parking, Garden lighting. Led corn light 80%~90% energy saving than incandescent lamp.MR16, GU10, E14 and E27 LED corn light bulb base for options for led light.No flickering.No RF interference.No UV radiation.Body termerature less …

LED Corn Light

Buy best LED Corn Bulbs e14 from china

High efficiency:  High quality UL led corn bulbs e14, 100w led corn lamps. 2015 high lumen led corn bulbs with 5 years warranty equivalent 15-500W General Incandescent,15-500W General Energy-saving lamps. Long life: light-emitting semiconductor chip no filament, no glass bulbs, not afraid of vibration, less breakable, life of up to 50,000 hours (incandescent life of only 1000 hours, regular saving is …